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Jan 12, 2013 4:00am PST
just yet. dr. richard besser says many of us are in it for the long haul. >> we don't know when this is going to end. this could be the worst flu year in a decade. >> reporter: what makes this year's flu season so bad, timing. the outbreak hit around thanksgiving this year. that's about a month earlier than normal. we're six weeks in and with six more to go, doctors say it's not too late to get that flu shot. a recently-released study ranks this year's vaccine as 62% effective, just moderate. more than 130 million vaccine doses have been distributed nationwide. but many people are having trouble finding them in their neighborhoods. >> we are being told we don't have any. >> you don't have any left? okay. >> reporter: how do you know if you're coming down with the flu or just the common cold? >> if you think about a cold, it usually infects you from the neck-up. congestion, sinus, fullness, sore throat. the flu, you're going to feel achy all over. >> reporter: if you can't find the flu vaccine at your local pharmacy, head over to you can use their vaccine finder by punch
Jan 13, 2013 7:00am PST
. >> i don't care if it is the middle of january. we need to get shelter. this is an example to make them understand it. >> reporter: and with the strong storms, too much rain. this morning, more than a dozen states from indiana to new york are either inundated or bracing for floods. one of those cities bracing for floods, flash flood warnings in nashville. you can see it fall from louisville to nashville, the 2 plus but locally 3 in some areas and the rain is behind it. it's not just arctic, it's, gosh, cold. these are actual morning temperatures, so windchills will be even colder. phoenix this morning, right at that freezing mark, and then all the heat, yesterday atlanta broke a 123-year-old record hitting 76. i think a lot of spots, new york today at 55. washington, d.c. at 62. will do that as well. we have fog to talk about coming up in the nation's weather but for now back to dan and bianna. >> all right. thanks, ginger. >>> the latest on the deadly flu epidemic. those who haven't received their flu shot yet could get shut out. the vaccine is in low supply due to high demand, and the
Jan 10, 2013 7:00am EST
you want to make sure is they don't get dehydrated. they have to take enough fluids in. a child who is getting better and turns for the worse, that could be a sign they have a bacterial infection on top of what else was going on. and shortness of breath. any child who has trouble catching their breath. in a young child, it could mean they have a weak cry. they need to be seen immediately. that's a danger sign. >> dr. besser, thank you. >>> to the white house, now. where president obama is firming up his team for the second term. this afternoon, he'll announce that white house chief of staff, jack lew, is his pick for treasury secretary. that means for the first time in years, all of the premier cabinet positions will be covered by money. jon karl is covering the shuffle in the white house. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. some critics aring le inlooking emerging second-term cabinet and wondering, where are the women? today, jack lew for treasury secretary. earlier this week, chuck hagel for defense. and john brennan for cia. and before that, john kerry for secre
Jan 13, 2013 4:00am PST
investigators on the case in search for the truth. >> i don't find them credible. it's been investigated, reinvestigated, investigated again and again and again and no one has ever come up with entirely credible evidence. >> reporter: a new revelation about jacqueline kennedy. that image of her so iconic, kennedy jr. told the audience that after jfk's assassination, his aunt spent the next half of the decade mainly out of the country because she feared how dangerous it was becoming. as for why robert kennedy never voiced these suspicions in public his son said with the civil rights debate sweeping the country at the time raising them would have been a distraction. dan? >> interesting to hear about jackie kennedy. so fascinated with the family. thanks soap. >>> time for a check of the other headlines and for that back to ron. >> hi again dan and bianna, alex, good morning, everyone. >>> in the news new york state declared a flu emergency, latest response to the epidemic and many churches are taking steps to protect members installing hand sanitizers. >>> former president george h.w. bush
Jan 7, 2013 7:00am PST
don't want a shot. >> reporter: this morning, the cdc says an alarming 41 states have widespread influenza activity. that's up 25.from just two weeks ago. already 18 children have died. those numbers will continue to rise. >> it's been an epidemic. it's been huge. there have been a lot of admissions from the flu. more than ever. >> reporter: near the great lakes, the hardest-hit region, reports that nearly 60% of those checked tested positive for the flu. >> we're seeing 75 to 80 patients day. >> incredibly busy. waiting room full of patients. >> sore throat, cough, headaches, body aches. >> reporter: typical flu seasons don't begin until now, after the holidays. but this year's season started back in october. >> and of course, hearing that number, 18 child deaths. that's so unnerving for parents. you say early treatment is the key? >> that's right. that's absolutely essential. cdc recommends people in the high-risk groups, young children, pregnant women, the elderly, people with medical conditions, they get started on tamiflu early. so, if you're in one of those groups, you want
Jan 9, 2013 7:00am PST
york. they're suffering and hurting. they don't understand why they had to wait seven-times longer than the victims of katrina. >> the aid is still held up. do you think it will get through? >> i'm hopeful. but, you know, at the end of the day, it's never done until it's done. i intend to keep the pressure on. >> you have a lot in your party, as the country continues to face the budget crisis coming up. the possibility of default in late february or march. you say, maybe the country should go into default. even a partial government shutdown. is that smart politics? or are they playing with fire? >> you have to use everything you have to be able to negotiate. but people want you to get things done. >> but going in default? >> george, what i think you have to do, is you have all tools available to you when you sit on the negotiating table. the fact of the matter is, everybody has to come to the table wanting to come to an agreement, ultimately. that's what we've been doing in new jersey for the last three years. i have a democratle lesdge lay church. we'll say some things publicly we have
Jan 11, 2013 7:00am EST
nasty strain of flu is quickly becoming an uphill battle. >> i don't remember seeing anything like this here in 20 years. >> reporter: this morning, hospitals and doctors offices are running low on flu shots and tests. >> this is a true national shortage. >> reporter: more than 128 million vaccine doses have been distributed nationwide. but with supplies dwindling, clinics can't keep up with demand. >> that could be gone in 20 minutes. >> reporter: across the country, schools are reporting hundreds of students out sick. at some school systems, resort to using high-powered disinfectant to clean classrooms. today in oklahoma, one district has even canceled classes. 25% of its students are ill. from minnesota to massachusetts, states are reporting an increasing number of flu deaths. in new york alone, more than 15,000 cases of the virus have already been reported. more than three-times the number during all of last year. michael mayo got a flu and pneumonia shot. but neither stopped him from making a trip to the hospital. >> never had to strain that hard to breathe. i was pretty close
Jan 6, 2013 4:00am PST
covering the hope up to tomorrow night's game. don't confuse the red for being an 'bama fan. >> going with the irish. josh looks happy being on the beach as opposed to in the frigid northeast. a lot of news breaking overnight, and, of course, for that we turn to mr. ron claiborne. >> faris and harris. >>> aurora, colorado, still reeling. four people killed including an armed suspect killed in a shootout with the police s.w.a.t. team. clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: the first shots rang out in the dead of night at 3:00 a.m., a woman came running from this town home telling people three people inside were shot. police told neighbors to stay down. >> six times total we heard firing. >> never been so scared in my life. >> reporter: as officered evacuated the neighborhood a man began shooting hitting a police vehicle. >> we kept persisting on him coming out. >> reporter: hours passed but there was no talking him out. >> he fired upon us a second time, this time shots were returned. the suspect was hit. >> reporter: police killed the suspect and inside found three more bodies, a
Jan 8, 2013 7:00am PST
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Jan 6, 2013 7:00am PST
to tomorrow night's game. and you know what? don't confuse the red for being a 'bama fan. because i'm not. i'm going for the irish. mid western girl, have to stick to my roots. >> going with the irish. by the way, josh looks pretty happy being on the beach as opposed to the frigid northeast. >>> a lot of news breaking overnight, and, of course, for that we turn to mr. ron claiborne. >> dan and paula, faris and harris, good morning to everyone. >>> we begin with that deadly standoff in aurora, colorado, a town still reeling from that movie massacre. four people killed including an armed suspect killed in a shootout with the police s.w.a.t. team. abc's clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: the first shots rang out in the dead of night. at 3:00 a.m., a woman came running from this town home telling police three people inside were shot. police told neighbors to stay down. >> six times total we heard firing. >> never been so scared in my life. >> reporter: as officers evacuated the neighborhood, a man inside began shooting hitting a police s.w.a.t. vehicle. >> we kept persisting on him comi
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)